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Extropia is an online community in the world of Second Life, built around a positive, near-future science fiction theme. Click on the About link for an overview.


Latest News

2010-07-21: Coming Soon To The Core



2010-07-12: The Nexus, Reloaded

Come to downtown Extropia Core and see our new Nexus! We're placing meeting spaces, garden spots, and -- in a boast from our past -- games, in one of the floating pavilions. (Yes, floating. This IS the future.) From the reception centre under our seas, to the heights of the new spires, the Nexus is shining, airy, new. Come and join us!


2010-06-13: Turing Gallery Opens

Come join the fun at Extropia's newest attraction, the Turing Gallery! The Turing can be found just to the west of the Nexus, in the McQuarrie Building:


Our new curator, Formatting Heliosense, has selected Xenophile Neurocam for the Turing's opening exhibit. Xenophile will display a collection of sculptures and various works, including custom built interactive works specifically made for this show.

Light Experimental Dimensionality

opens formally at 6pm SLT. Hope to see you all there!